“Warm familiar scents drift softly from the oven, and imprint forever upon our hearts that this is home and that we are loved.”–Arlene Stafford-Wilson

I love to cook and bake! There’s no doubt about it–just come take a look at my pantry.  I am definitely not a master chef or professional baker, but I do love to practice the art of cooking and baking, and I especially love to share my food with others.

There is something very special about sitting around the table with family or friends, enjoying old classic recipes or testing our pallets with new ones.  Food brings people together, fills the belly, and brings smiles to people’s faces.

I love trying my hand at food from other cultures.  I had the honor of learning some of the local cuisine from the different countries that I have lived in.  I hope that you will be adventurous with me and try some of it out!  It’s quite delicious! Trust me!