Breakfast. The most important meal of the day, I’m told.

I was never very keen on breakfast as a child. Especially when my parents cooked oatmeal for us 5 days out of every week.

Sunday morning was always my favorite breakfast day. My parents would cook eggs, sometimes sausage or bacon, and pancakes, delicious pastry, or sweet bread.

We got to use my mom’s fancy china, drink tea (or coffee for you coffee-lovers our there), and just enjoy family time around the table.

To this day, I do not love oatmeal. I will eat it, from time to time, but the sliminess factor is just a little too much for me. I have, however, passed on our “fancy Sunday breakfast” tradition to my own home.

Together, my husband and I will make waffles, pancakes, Swedish oven-pancakes, Swedish Cardamom buns, cinnamon rolls, you name it, on Sunday mornings. It’s a special meal where we also eat with our nicest dinner plates and take time to sip tea and coffee together.

These are some of the sweetest moments with lasting memories.