“Life is short and unpredictable.  Eat the dessert first!”–Helen Keller

Oh, for the love of sugar and chocolate!

I LOVE dessert–my waistband can definitely attest to that!

Growing up, my mom ALWAYS served dessert after supper.   And I mean ALWAYS!  I don’t know if it had to do with part of her Swedish tradition, or if she just really liked dessert, but it was part of our dinner routine.  Let me tell you, I definitely wasn’t going to complain about it!

I have enjoyed learning new desserts, different techniques, and even trying to branch out on textures.

Let me tell you, I DO NOT LIKE NUTS IN BAKED GOODS! In my humble opinion, they do not belong. Nuts are fine on their own, but stick them in any bars, breads, cakes, or what-have-you, and that dessert is ruined, I says–RUINED!

Unfortunately, my husband really likes nuts in his baked goods. Go figure! But, on the bright side, it is making me a more well-rounded baker.

Most of my recipes on here will not have nuts in them, but I always encourage people to make things that make them happy, so if nuts make you happy, then by all means, add some nuts to you banana bars, pumpkin bars, or chocolate cake.