The Grand Teton National Park

We weren’t going to make it to the campsite before dark, so we camped in a Cabela’s parking lot. Thank goodness for free parking lot camping!

Just before we made our move east, my husband and I decided to visit the Grand Teton National Park.  It is a place that we had wanted to visit for many years, but it was hard to find the time with our busy schedules.  We decided that it was either now or never.  So, we packed up our little tent camper and made our way east to Wyoming, to the Grand Tetons. 

I was so looking forward to seeing these mountains, and boy, they did not disappoint! 

The peaks towered over us—magnificent snow-covered mountains!  It is a little bit of an odd site at first, because the landscape is as flat as can be, and then, all of the sudden, these peaks just shoot up out of the ground. 

We spent a glorious 5 nights camping there and loved every minute of it.  We were able to do some hiking, though there was 3-4 feet of deep snow at higher elevations, making some of the hikes more difficult (and very steep because the trail disappeared in the snow). 

One of the days it rained all day, so we took the opportunity to drive north to Yellowstone National Park.  For anyone out there that hasn’t been to either of these parks, I highly recommend them!  AND, they are right next to each other, so you can kill 2 birds with 1 stone! 

I hope that you enjoy the pictures, and maybe they will inspire you to get out there on your next adventure! <3

Meet Mishka

Mishka is my lil’ buddy. As a puppy, she would follow me around everywhere that I went. She still follows me, but is also content to lay and just watch me. If I leave the room, she will often get up to check on me. Much to Rayne’s dismay, she is a little bit of a loner and is happiest when she can lay out in the yard by herself with her rope. Sometimes, she does indulge Rayne, and they play and wrestle together. She is the sweetest, most stoic, gentle giant who will give you more kisses than you ever thought dogly possible.

Meet Rayne

Rayne is one of those dogs that lives to not only adore you, but also to be adored by you. She has the sweetest temperament and will melt your heart by resting her head on your lap and snuggling up as close to you as she possibly can (yes, that means that sometimes, she is right on top of you, not next to you). She likes to speak her mind and tell you all about her day. She grumbles her disapproval if you try to move her from your pillow at bedtime. She dances around singing her praises when you mention going for a walk, run, or car ride.